Wednesday, March 22, 2006

GDC 2006: Best Design Nuggets from the Serious Games Summit

The Serious Games Summit was reasonably interesting this year. I attended a mix of design, education, and business sessions. Here are a few of my favorite design nuggets from the past two days:
  • Fading between the surface depiction of the world and a representation (diagram?) of the underlying system dynamics. [John Black, Teachers College of Columbia University]
  • Leadership training and team building in MMOs. [Lisa Galarneau]
  • The concept of convexity mapped onto a flow graph. [Noah Falstein]
  • Clear goals = clear failure, which is not always good for a given player. [Jesper Juul]
  • Games as interfaces for real work (ie playing a game is your work). [?]
  • Overlaying grid lines on a world to teach coordinate plane concepts. [Tabula Digita]
  • Simple AI can be built to take advantage of human attribution. [Nigel Papworth]

There are more, but I'm wiped out now. I'll revisit this post another day and see what I missed.


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