Monday, March 14, 2005

GDC 2005: Dear Friends

Dear Friends: Music of Final Fantasy
Nobu Uematsu, Composer

I have to say that the Final Fantasy games have never really grabbed me. They are beautiful, for sure, but the gameplay (and lack thereof during the frequent cutscenes) never really appealed to me. With that in mind, I pretty much planned to skip this live, symphonic concert of music from the Final Fantasy games. Fortunately for me, I read this short review of the Chicago concert and decided that I shouldn't miss such a culturally important event.

It was beautiful. The music was excellent, and the presentation was generally solid, with the exception of the non-gamer "MC," who clearly didn't fully appreciate what she was involved in. Uematsu's appearance toward the end was lovely. He seemed genuinely grateful for the enthusiasm of the crowd. This was an incredible experience, and I recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to see it.


At 12:36 PM, Blogger Clubberjack said...

I just rearranged the SGS coverage and so Seg's comment is no longer associated with the Dear Friends post, so I'm reposting it here.

RE: Dear Friends: Music of Final Fantasy

I want to agree on the annoyance of the non-gamer MC. I didn't come to the concert, with a large body of concert goers who were obviously involved in the game industry as either a player or developer, to see a girl joke about her own short-comings. Not to say that I would have liked a gamer to MC. It would have been more rewarding to see an MC who was knowledgeable in classical music and not gaming. That was the missing element to me; A presence of the classical music world that tied in the work that Nobu Uematsu talked about in his statement.

While I'm on topic, I also wanted to say that the over-head displays were more distracting than aiding. Since the cut scenes were inconsistent and lacked sync, they only distracted from the music, even with close-ups of the musicians. I came to listen, not watch.


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