Tuesday, March 22, 2005

March 22 Links

Life is a bit crazy, between recovering from back-to-back conferences and getting ready for one more trip this weekend. While I'm collecting myself in preparation for the next glut of GDC-related posts, here's some linkage, pre-digested.
  1. Wanda and the Colossus is now called Shadow of the Colossus. See kikizo.com for new screenshots, video, and an interview with Kenji Kaido.
  2. I think I might have to pick up God of War.
  3. I can't decide between the Nintendo DS and the PSP.
  4. Here's a free game that's fun: N.
  5. Alex at Damned Machines has written a sweet poem about the Game Design Challenge.
  6. [via Kotaku] This video is actually a public service announcement about teenage motherhood, but whoever made it captured the feeling of a game perfectly.
  7. Grumpy Gamer weighs in on the new look for Zelda.


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