Friday, February 11, 2005

Online Co-op: Where F*#% is it?

Deca and I have been looking for a good Xbox Live enabled co-op game, something for those nights when getting our asses handed to us by 12-year-olds on Halo 2 just doesn't cut it. Now, I understand that online co-op presents a conundrum for developers. It represents more design work, more art work, and more programming; and the payoff for all that extra work is in no way guaranteed. However, I sense that, done right, online co-op could significantly enhance some games. The question is: "What would it take for developers to pursue online co-op more readily? Is there a way to do online co-op that's cost effective and still entertaining?"

We're looking for something that allows us to play a campaign together, not something that puts us on a team against other players (ie, not Battlefront, Halo 2, etc). Ideally, something like Halo's split-screen co-op, just over the Internet. There's no particular requirement that it be first person, either. Hunter: The Reckoning, while not my favorite game ever, was a ton of fun to play with a few friends gathered around the tv. It would be great to be able to engage in that kind of fun over Xbox Live.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory seems to have online co-op missions which sounds great to me [screenshots at Kotaku]. Are there any other good Xbox Live co-op games out there (or coming soon)?


At 2:46 PM, Blogger OrangeDeca said...

I just read about the new Gauntlet game, on Gamespot. It promises four person online co-op. I hope it works, it would great for a game like Gauntlet, with a history of co-op, to be the one that establishes this genre. One warning: Its being led by John Romero. Here is the link:

At 6:06 PM, Blogger DofDKK said...

A buddy and I have gone through most of the games that support Coop over Xbox Live. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory was a ton of fun (but can be finished in about 10 hours cooperatively) Doom3 gets props for its Live Coop inclusion but that as well is something you'll only play through once. Ghost Recon has coop on Live and was fun but won't hold a candle to the 2 games mentioned above (not sure about Ghost Recon 2). Belive it or not one of the games we play alot of is Counter Strike. Its a fugly game and if you can get past the graphics its a lot of fun. We'll just start a private match and the two of us will square off against a team of bots. I forget the entire name of the game but Tenchu also has live coop support, but I wouldn't waste your money as the gameplay was pretty brutal.

good gaming!


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